The Death Envelope

Welcome to the Death Envelope (dot) com

 Thanks to those of you who got here through surfing, googling, etc., and a special thanks to those who came after seeing me speak at DefCon!

I apologize for the time it's taking to get things rocking here, but I'm discovering that I'm less of a "writer" than I might have thought.

Please bear in mind that this site will be evolving moderately rapidly as I work on it.  I'm discovering through this process that I work in a somewhat "organic" fashion, and will almost undoubtedly be editing the content of this site repeatedly over the coming months.

If there is a specific topic or question that you'd like to see discussed more quickly, please drop me a note, at matt (at) deathenvelope (dot) com.  It is my hope that reader feedback will contribute extensively to the quality of this site.